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HeartCare is a study of the impact of a WWW-based health information and support system (HeartCare) for patients recovering from coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG). Patients recovering from CABG are provided the technology (WebTV) to access nurse designed and nurse evaluated recovery information, individually tailored to patients´ personal demographics, health status and stage of recovery. The support feature consists of e-mail to nurse, a patient forum, and private patient to patient e-mail.

Fifty patients will be provided access to HeartCare for a six month period; the experience of these patients and their clinical outcomes will be contrasted with 50 persons who receive a general audiotape informational intervention, and with persons who receive usual care. The nursing practice impacts of these interventions will also be evaluated.

The HeartCare Grant was written and approved by the National Library of Medicine. 

Several Papers and Presentations have been presented in public about different aspects of the project while it was in development, in process, and at the end of the study. 

If you would like to see a sample of how the HeartCare information looked to the participants, look at the following Demonstration PowerPoint Presentation of the system.

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