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The study aimed to discover whether there are patterns of behavior across homes and community entities with respect to health information access and dissemination that can be described and incorporated into health-related community IT design. To accomplish this we:

  1. Studied how people manage information in their homes
  2. Studied where and how health information is accessed/disseminated within the home
  3. Studied the technology readiness of the home

Summary of Project Specifics

From July 2001 through June 2002, we conducted a community assessment to discover patterns health information access, storage and communication behavior of well and ill individuals. The information obtained was used to study the readiness of the community for health-related information technology solution. We visited a total of 49 homes in the community and interviewed the primary health information manager (i.e. the person who handles prescriptions, health information, doctors appointments, provider information, and makes most of the transactions related to health care within the household) in the home regarding health information management strategies.

The intervention consisted of a one-hour interview during which the researchers asked questions from a structured survey, took pictures of methods/places used to manage health information, and drew a layout of the household. The survey was composed of five sections: Background Information, Health Information Management, Situational and Short Answer, Information Management Challenges, and Technology Readiness. The photography consisted of taking pictures of information management artifacts such as diaries, calendars, and medication records. The researchers also drew a rough layout of the home. The layout focused on the locations of the items captured in the pictures and where they are located within the household and aimed at capturing the physical and ergonomic constraints of the household.

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