BRENNAN healthsystems LAB

Assessment and Research of Community Health Information Resources (ARCHIR)

Project Description

This is the second phase of a three phase project sponsored by the Intel Corporation examining how members of a community access health information in the home and what health information is available for the community. This is a descriptive study of the community health information assets. The results of this phase and the first phase will be used to better model, design, and perhaps develop a prototype technological solution to help both the community members and the health information providers.

Specific Aims

This is a descriptive assessment of health information assets with the Dodge-Jefferson community. Health information assets are resources held within and across the community for use by community members. We will identify and visit 50 organizations across Dodge and Jefferson counties that provide health information for the purpose of health promotion, illness prevention or disease management. This Health Information Asset Questionnaire will help us answer these research questions:

  1. What health information and in what format are these organizations providing the health information?
  2. Who is the target audience for whom the information is provided?
  3. To what extent is the health information provider able to support the creation and provision of health information electronically?

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