BRENNAN healthsystems LAB

Susan Kossman
Current Research Activities

My current research focus is nursing and consumer informatics. I am interested in using information technology to increase self-management of chronic illness, improve continuity of care across care settings, address health disparity issues, and increase nursing student learning. Nursing and consumer informatics is a new research area for me--my dissertation focused on student and faculty perceptions of how welcoming nursing education culture is to minority students. I have been very active in developing online and web-enhanced courses at Illinois State University and these experiences fostered an interest in nursing informatics research and led to

My postdoc project is developing a web-based intervention to improve self-management and continuity of care for teenagers with depression. The intervention will provide tailored information, skills building, decision support, communication and self-monitoring tools. Teens will use the intervention to access information tailored to their learning preferences; learn and practice self-management skills such as monitoring mood, managing medications, reducing stress, making healthy choices, and cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques; communicate with their nurses and other teens with depression; support decisions; and record information on mood, medication use, stress level, and complications.   Nurses in office, school and inpatient settings will use the intervention to access information, support decisions, communicate with teens and other nurses, monitor progress and collaborate with teens to modify their treatment plan.

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