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Colleen Atakpu
Current Research Activities

In reaction to the current era of computer and information technology, researchers and engineers are turning to electronic information sharing and storing as a way to solve many problems occurring in the health system.  Increasing health costs, medical errors, lack of accessibility and impersonal care are some of the problems facing decision makers in the health care industry.  Many researchers believe that incorporating systems using information technology is the solution to many of these problems.  The use of such systems could reduce medical errors, provide remote access to patients, or increase the efficiency of work done in the system, ultimately allowing providers to spend more time with patients.

However, the health care industry is a dynamic and complex system, involving millions of patients, providers, and institutions.  Although changes always have the intention of improvement, quite often projects or ideas fail due to inadequate planning and conceptualization.  Using computer simulations to model these ideas is a relatively cheap and easy method to predict the outcome of implementing a certain project. 

This presentation presents a model built to simulate electronic information transmission between different health institutions.  The simulation will take into consideration several characteristics of each institution, as well as the population of patients using the facility, and the providers who care for these patients.  The model will consider the opportunities for information transmission failure and incorporate these failures into the modelís system.  The model can be used to analyze methods to decrease these failures, or eliminate them all together.  

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