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Anne Moen
Current Research Activities

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, and a visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I am doing most of my work at InterMedia, University of Oslo, and I do some research in Brennan’s Health systems lab @ University of Wisconsin – Madison.

For more information about my post doctoral research, please visit: . REPARERE (learning REsources of PAtients and RElative during REcovery) is a prototype to

1)     demonstrate and suggest areas of use of ICT-based learning resources to assist the convalescent and family

2)      demonstrate use of the Open Source infrastructure available in InterMediaLab

3)      demonstrate universal accessibility features in web resource

This research interest relates to design of information and communication resources to assist patients and significant others in symptom management to promote self-care either during recovery from acute health care events or as active use of ICT to support and engage in the situation of chronic or disabling health conditions.

I am also interested in researching issues in the interplay between information systems like an EPR, the actual practices to be supported, representation of clinical work and ICT-users’ perspectives.

During my studies and work, I have chosen to and had to opportunity to participate in extensive international collaboration. The most recent experience was as a Fulbright Scholar, also the reason for the first visit to Brennan’s health systems lab. Exchange programs like the Fulbright program is an excellent way to learn about and share knowledge, experiences as well as cultural and social events. To my experience it is also an efficient way to promote international understanding, contribute to appreciation of different perspectives and develop new insights professionally as well as personally.

Email: OR

Recent papers and posters:

Moen, A. (2003). A nursing perspective to design and implementation of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. Special issue: Building Nursing Knowledge through Informatics: From Concept Representation to Data Mining - Edited by Suzanne Bakken and Nicholas R. Hardiker 36 (4-5) pp 375-378


Moen A, Nævdal J-EB, Smørdal O. (2004) “Considerations leading to design of learning resources for patients and relatives during recovery (REPARERE)”. In: Dale JG, Fensli R, editors. Scandinavian Conference in Health Informatics 2004; Arendal, Norway: Høgskolen i Agder; 2004, 23.-25. august

Smørdal, O., Moen, A., Kristiansen, T., Refseth, Y., Mortensen, B, Osnes, T. (2004). “Participatory Design and Infrastructures for Coordination and Communication in Interdisciplinary Mobile Health Teams”, Paper ved MedInfo 2004: Building Higher Performance Health Care Organizations. Biomedical Informatics for Enhancing Health Care, Research and Education. San Francisco, CA, USA, 7.-11. September


Moen, A., Marquard, J. (2004). “What do consumers do with health information at home?” Poster. Citizen Participation in e-Health; challenges for research, technologies and health care organizations Nasjonalt Senter for Telemedisin, Tromsø, 21-23. juni 2004 (Abstrakt) (Poster, Best Poster Award)


Moen, A., Gregory, J, Brennan, PF (2004). “Cross-cultural Factors necessary to enable Design of flexible Consumer Health Informatics Systems”, IT in Health Care: Socio-technical Approaches – Second International Conference Portland, Oregon, USA, 13-14 September 2004


Moen, A. Smørdal, O. Gregory, J (2004): “Designing learning resources for patients and relatives during recovery”. Third Nordic Conference on Cultural and Activity Research, København, 3-5. september 2004 (Abstract, interactive poster)


Post doctoral fellow, InterMedia, University of Oslo 2002-2005

PhD (Dr.polit.-degree), Institute of Nursing Science, University of Oslo, (2002), Doctoral dissertation: "Nursing Leadership when an Electronic Patient Record System is introduced in Norwegian hospitals".

Master Degree, Nursing Science (1996), Thesis: Information Technology Introduced in the Nursing Service. Institute of Nursing Science, University of Oslo

Bachelor Degree, Business Administration (1989), Østfold Regional College

RN, graduated from the Red Cross School of Nursing in Oslo and Akershus (1984)


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