BRENNAN healthsystems LAB

Anita Ground, RN, BC, MBA
Current Research Activities

I am currently researching computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and its impact on nursing work. I have validated the tool and have obtained IRB approval for the study.

Below is a brief abstract describing my study.

This study continues to examine differences in the work performed by nurses working in an institution with Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and nurses in an institution without CPOE. The research question is : Is there a difference of how nurses work in intensive care units having implemented a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system from those versus a unit without this automation? This will be a case comparison study design having two sites. Clinical nurses in the ICU will be observed and/or interviewed to determine the work actually being performed by the two groups of nurses and to obtain a description of the type of environment, organization, role, tasks, background, and technology where the nurse works. The study will involve examination of meeting minutes, memorandum, and information system help-desk logs and diagrams of the physical layout of the ICU. Nurse leaders will be interviewed about the nurse's work and workplace. The CPOE implementation personnel will be interviewed about the expected impact of CPOE on the nurse work. Although there are no direct benefits to the participants of the study, future benefits include the ability to understand how nursing work would change with the implementation of a CPOE system.

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