BRENNAN healthsystems LAB

Gail Casper

I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and earned my Bachelors degree in Nursing at Marquette University. I later earned my Masters degree in Nursing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From there I went on to Case Western Reserve University to work with Patti Brennan. I earned my Doctorate in Nursing there; my dissertation was on patient preferences for health outcomes during chemotherapy.

I later joined the Michigan State University’s School of Nursing as an assistant professor. I also taught at Indiana University as a visiting lecturer. I completed a Postoc at the Regenstrief Institute before I joined the Brennan Health Systems Lab as a Postdoctoral Researcher in March of 2004.

I am currently working on the HeartCare II project. My work involves conducting work analysis and participatory design with participating nurses.

In my spare time I watch the Packers and Badgers play, read novels and write.

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