BRENNAN healthsystems LAB

EdmondEdmond Ramly

PhD student in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Health Systems)

MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Decision Sciences and Operations Research) – May 2009




  • System transformation
  • Models of models for systems of systems
  • Enabling informed decisions
  • Supply chain models of information flow
  • Relation of information flows to feedback loops
  • Integrating different types and sources of evidence and knowledge
  • Findability, usability, and synthesis of knowledge
  • Methodologies for operationalizing amorphous concepts
  • Tools to visualize and navigate networks of related information elements
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration

Current version of topic (last updated 07/30/10)

How can information flow be used as a lever for transforming systems so that overall optimal system behavior emerges from the aggregation of locally satisficed decisions?

  • How can supply chain models and methods be used to analyze and redesign flows of information?
  • How can multiple different information flows be integrated to provide the right feedback at the right place and at the right time to actors and subsystems in the system being studied?

Current projects (last updated 07/30/10)

  • Paper for the journal Work about culture and domestic health work
  • Qualitative study of lay people’s health Observations of Daily Living (ODL)
  • Poster for AMIA about the methodology development of the ODL study
  • Paper for JAMIA about the importance of ODLs to the informatics community
  • Poster for AMIA about unintended cognition problems of BCMA in a hospital
  • Preparing for the PhD qualifying examination in September 2010

Current funding (07/1/10-present)

University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics, Operational Integration, Research Assistant


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