BRENNAN healthsystems LAB

F. Daniel Nicolalde

Daniel is a PhD student in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His focus area is Health Systems Engineering and specifically consumer health informatics. He plans to obtain his PhD minor in Population Health Science.

Daniel’s research focuses on the use of personal health records during the transition process between pediatric care and adult care for patients with chronic conditions. The success of this transition process has been identified as one of the goals for Health People 2010, thus several interventions have been implemented over the last decade and few of them have used health informatics solutions.

Prior to joining the program, Daniel obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito – Ecuador. During his undergraduate program he studied abroad, finishing his senior year in Madison, WI. He decided to stay and work as an IT consultant in Instructional Communications Systems (ICS).

During his free time he likes spending time with family and friends, going for long bike rides, hiking, traveling, and promoting his parent's business back in Ecuador.


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