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Emergency Departments Linking (EDLink) Project 

"Ask physicians and nurses across the nation what they need most to improve the efficiency and quality of health care, and the most frequent answer is instant access to reliable information about their patients. But the implementation of electronic systems for the exchange of information among emergency departments and community clinics has been lagging."

EDLink project that is a result of the collaboration of  Wisconsin Health Information Exchange (WHIE), the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership, the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, and Microsoft Corporation, a unique system is being established to secure and share medical information and to facilitate care coordination protocols that will assist in caring for patients, providing for better continuity of care, and improving patient safety. The EDLink project is the first step toward implementation of a secure health information exchange system that will enhance care coordination and provide needed medical information to clinicians when patients present for care. In the first phase of implementation, the EDLink project shall provide emergency physicians immediate access to past medical history for patients that register for care at their facilities. This will be accomplished in a manner that is virtually transparent to current workflow.  The EDLink project shall follow a structured development path with specific milestones. The first phase of the project will commence on April 1, 2007 and will end March 31, 2009. The goals of the EDLink project will be to demonstrate improvements in health care quality, including decreased redundancy of testing, improved decision making by clinicians, reductions in medical errors and improvements in cost efficiency. An independent evaluation of the EDLink project will be provided by a team comprised of experienced academic researchers from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The evaluation of the project will include the following components:

  • System performance, including technical server performance and ED performance
  • Workflow outcomes specific to the (1) data transmission and report; (2) server management; and (3) clinical throughput
  • Patient outcomes including inappropriate ED visits and other clinical parameters

Click to see the list of the evaluation team members

Executive summary of the project as of June 19, 2007

FAQs about Health Information technologies and Health Information Exchange

Publications regarding evaluation of the EDLink Project

For more information please contact Mustafa Ozkaynak (mozkaynak AT wisc DOT edu).

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