BRENNAN healthsystems LAB

Jane Peace, RN, FNP, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
UW-Madison School of Nursing
H6/247 Clinical Sciences Center
phone: 608-265-9202

Summary of research and teaching specializations

My area of interest is nursing informatics, the management of information to support nursing practice and knowledge building. My research is in the area of knowledge representation, literally how nursing knowledge can be represented in computer systems in order for technology to best support nursing in practice and in building knowledge. The representation of nursing knowledge about family and family health history has been a focus of my research, incorporating a person-centered, diverse definition of family into computer representation of family health history.

Research interests

Nursing informatics; knowledge representation; access to information

Practice areas

Primary care; family; women’s health

Teaching areas

Health promotion; prevention; technology in nursing


PhD - University of Wisconsin-Madison
BSN - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MSN - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Representative publications

Peace, J., & Lutz, K. F. (2009). Nursing conceptualizations of research and practice. Nursing Outlook, 57(1), 42-49.

Hsieh, Y., Peace, J., & Brennan, P. F. (2007). Informatics, genomic health & nursing: Challenge and opportunities at the intersection. In nurseAdvance Collection on Genomics in Nursing and Healthcare (E-Text). Sigma Theta Tau International.

Peace, J., & Brennan, P. F. (2006). Making the procedure manual come alive: A prototype relational database and dynamic website model for the management of nursing information. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 122, 450-454.

Selected presentations

Peace, J., & Brennan, P. F. (in press). Formalizing nursing knowledge: from theories and models to ontologies. NI 2009, The 10th International Nursing Informatics Congress, Helsinki, Finland, June 2009.

Peace, J., & Brennan, P. F. (2008). Instance testing of the family history ontology. American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium Proceedings, 1088, Washington, DC, November 2008.

Peace, J., & Brennan, P. F. (2007). Ontological representation of family and family history. American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium Proceedings, 1072, Chicago, IL, November 2007.

Peace, J. (2006). Access to information: A concept analysis. Paper presented at Midwest Nursing Research Society 30th Annual Research Conference, Milwaukee, WI, April 2006.

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